Exotic Car Experiences

Exotic Car Drives & Tours

Drive 3 of our exotic cars (each car for 30 minutes) at several locations in California. Passengers are allowed with drivers (must be at least 9 years old). Two of the cars will be a Ferrari and a Lamborghini and the third car is usually is an Aston Martin DB9, McClaren or other Ferrari or Lamborghini. This experience is around 2 hours and is our best selling activity and gift. Driver's must be at least 25 years of age to participate. 

Exotic Car Corporate Events 

Exotic Car Group Experiences

We offer adrenaline-filled exotic car experiences for your corporate or group events. We have a large fleet of exotic cars to accomodate groups large and small for weddings, team building, music and movie productions, and racing competitions. Choose from Ferrari, Lamborghini, McClaren & Aston Martin.

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Friday - Sunday 

3 Cars / 1.5 Hrs     $697.00


3 Cars / 1.5 Hrs     $597.00

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